River Hills
Greensboro, NC

Architectural Change

As a planned residential community, River Hills homes are subject to certain protective covenants, conditions, and restrictions. The Architectural Change Committee, composed of neighborhood volunteers, is charged with approving projects within River Hills in order to maintain an adequate level of uniformity and an overall appealing appearance within our neighborhood.

Approval from the Architectural Change Committee is REQUIRED for the following:

  • Paint and color changes on the exterior of your home, deck, fence, storage building or other structures, change of roof color or material, vinyl siding, etc. Paint chips and or samples must accompany request.
  • Construction or replacement of a deck, fence, porch, patio, driveway extension, storage building, playsets, or other structure. Sketches showing placement in relation to your home and lot are required.
  • Any additions to your home, such as a garage, screened-in porch, sun room, awnings, pools, or other additions. House additions and sunrooms require blueprints showing elevations and placement.
  • Landscaping projects that change or alter the grade or slope of the yard, retaining walls, or removal of a large number of trees (especially if in the front yard).
  • Installation of solar panels.

The following are requests that are typically NOT approved:

  • All above ground swimming pools (including inflatable pools)
  • Visible chain link fencing
  • Clothlines
  • Large Radio Antennae
  • Gravel driveways
  • Metal sheds

While these are the most requested improvements, we cannot list all possible improvements that may be required. If you have any question of whether an improvement requires approval, you should submit a request.

Architectural change requests must be submitted in writing on the official Architectural Control Request Form at least 35-45 days prior to your proposed start date. A request is considered submitted when all necessary information, schematics, drawings showing placement in relation to your home and lot, paint colors, etc have been submitted and received. The form is available for download or you can contact our Property Manager.

Almost all of the projects requiring approval require advance planning, so please be considerate to the committee volunteers and submit your request in advance and understand that approval may take up to 30 days.

Failure to obtain advanced approval or adhere to the approved conditions may result in fines from the Association.

Adherence to all city and/or county codes and permit regulations are the responsibility of the homeowner, as well as recognition of underground easments before excavation or placement of a structure.

For convenience, we recommend accessing Guilford County online GIS viewer to obtain a plot map showing the boundaries of your property. This is most useful include with your Architectural request when requesting fence location, driveway extensions, shed placements, etc.


A special THANK YOU to our Architectural Committee volunteers for devoting their time and energy by serving on the committee:
Michael Johnson, Lisa Russell, Ann Godwin, Dan Azzarello

Download Archictectural Change Request (pdf)


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