River Hills
Greensboro, NC

Community Watch

Community Watch is a crime prevention program that involves citizens working with each other and with law enforcement agencies to reduce crime and victimization in their communities.

The goal of Community Watch is to make criminals aware that every move is being watched and will be reported to the police.

Report any suspicious activity to the Greensboro Police by calling 911.

Emergency Numbers:
Police - Fire - Ambulance: 911

Non-Emergecy Numbers:
Police: (336) 373-2222
Crime Stoppers: (336) 373-1000
Police Community Resource Officer Steven Roberts (336) 373-7707
Guilford County Sherriff: (336) 641-3694
NC Highway Patrol: (336) 334-5621
Domestic Violence & Sexual Assualt Crisis: (336) 273-7273

Advice from Community Resource Officer, Greensboro PD


HIDE your things. Do not leave valuables in plain sight in your vehicle.
LOCK your vehicle doors. Most thefts are from unlocked vehicles.
TAKE your keys and any valuables into the house.

A common crime committed in neighborhoods is theft of items from unlocked cars. Please remember to lock your vehicles. If we are no longer easy targets, the theives will stay away.

Other issues are vandalism and loitering at the park. The Association spends a lot of money to make the park a nice place and some area juveniles have written graffiti on playground equipment, tables/benches, and the dock. If you witness any vandalism, please take pictures and report it to the police and our property manager.

Priestley Management
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